Design & Repair Services

What to do when a favorite piece of jewelry breaks? We can handle most re-stringing or re-knotting of necklaces and bracelets, and we can also convert many earrings from or to clip-ons or pierced. We do not repair rings or solder metals.

If it's a simple matter of re-stringing or fixing a clasp, glueing a component back in a bezel or converting earrings from or to clip-ons or pierced, just bring your piece in and we will discuss with you the components that are best for your item. Please allow at least 5 to 10 minutes of discussion per item. If you have 5 or more items, we ask that you schedule an appointment with one of our Design Consultants (see below).

Labor for repairs is $25 per hour (pro-rated at 15 minute increments), with a minimum charge of $5, plus the cost of materials. We also ask for a minimum $5 deposit when leaving your repair.
If your item(s) require more design time and selection of materials, or if you have 5 or more items, we ask that you schedule an appointment with one of our Design Consultants, who are available on most days. This allows us to sit down with you and review all aspects of your project without interruption. Please allow at least 10 minutes of discussion per item for items that need repair without a lot of re-design. If you have broken jewelry that needs a complete re-design, or if you want to design jewelry from all new materials, you may need 30 minutes or more per item. Please consult our calendar for available design times and give us a call (708.848.1761) to schedule yours.

The Design Consultation fee is $25 per hour (pro-rated at 15 minute increments), with a minimum charge of $5. The consultation fee is due at the completion of your appointment as well as a deposit toward the work being done.
The cost of materials is based on what is needed for your items. Most stringing materials range from .20 per foot to $1 per foot. The cost for clasps, closures, additional beads, or components depends upon what you select. We work with items that we have in stock. Special order of beads or components not currently in stock is not usually available.

Repairs are completed on a first-come, first-served basis, generally within two weeks (usually sooner). Please let us know if you need your item completed by a certain date and we'll let you know if we can accommodate that.
We can also help if you want to repair the item yourself. We are happy to show customers how to make a simple loop to make earrings and how to use a crimp bead to finish a necklace using flexible beading wire. We'll show you on one side, and you can do the other. When we are helping multiple customers, we will divide our attention as fairly as we can. Tools are available for your use in our shop at no charge.

We enjoy the occasional challenge and can handle a variety of repair needs, but we do not solder metal. For your soldering or metal work needs, we recommend Harrison Jewelers in Oak Park.

April, 2013
I had my vintage set of pearls restrung by the staff at Bead In Hand and they did a beautiful job in making them look like new. I was very happy with the quality of their work and the staff are more than helpful. – Nancy C.